The Ultimate Guide to Mykonos Catamaran Rental

Mykonos, the “Island of the Winds” according to Greek people culture, is the most known of the Cyclades Islands and also a focal point of international jet-set. Nevertheless, you can only grasp the full beauty of the isle by visiting nearby smaller isles and the distant shores. We've summarized some perfect yachts below for cruising around Mykonos during a charter, and additionally have an excellent choice of luxury motor yachts that were Greek. You've the advantage to being next door to other islands that are dramatic all brilliant for different functions including Santorini and Ios.

Should you want to spice things up and see being more dynamic than hanging out on the beach, you are in the appropriate place! This glamorous town boasts constant nightlife in various 'happening' bars where you are able to dance the night away whilst sipping tasty cocktails.

As we sail in the morning from Adamas we pass by the conventional fishing hamlets of Skinopi, Klima, Areti and Fourkovouni and see the colorful little houses constructed right on the waterfront, called “Ta Sirmata”

We sail on previous Arkoudes (Bear Rocks); the volcanic isles which resemble two large bears and you will find Plathienas beach as well as both small isles of Akradies.Now as we reach open water you can help us to raise the sails as we travel on towards Glaronisia, two exceptional volcanic isles with interesting geological rock formations. Here we can get a stop in the incredibly clear sea, after which a cup of coffee will be waiting for you on board to swim or snorkel.

After our rest we pass the old sulphur mines, with a stop at the shore of Firligos, before heading on to the southern shore, passing Paleochori, Agia Kiriaki , and halt in the seashore of Gerakas or Ammotsoulithres for a 30 minutes swim (this is a secluded beach only accessible by boat). Whilst you swim and sunbathe, the crew will prepare some delicious bites, which you can enjoy together with the real taste of wine or Greek ouzo. Sailing with its breathtaking and remarkable caves we reach the pirate hideaway of Kleftiko at full speed. A two-hour stop in this magical landscape will enable time to taste conventional dishes of the island and some seafood. After lunch, we keep on sailing to the west shore of Milos to see the cavern of Sikia and other charming beaches. When we reach the north western part of the island, we'll which seems to have been vertically cut with a knife and see the imposing cape of Vanio, a stone which is 80 meters high. You can ask the crew about its story.

On your cameras to retain the memories of the unforgettable day, while the crew offers a home made sweet from a neighborhood pastry shop you can capture the sunset on the way back to port.

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