Formentera Yacht Charter Experiences


Sailing in Formentera Island and seeing fine sand under the layers of crystal clear water will give you the thrill of a very long time. So, pack your bag and get ready for an exciting Formentera yacht charter experience.

Here are some crucial information necessary for your journey.

What are the?

With yacht chartering in Formentera, you witness and will experience the beauty of places that are following that'll cherish special moments of your own life.


You would adore the natural heaven which functions the authenticity of Independent Island, with sailing Formentera yacht charter experience. With the crystal clear water in wonderful sundown scenic, you would certainly never wish to return to your previous life that is scheduled.

Cape Barbaria:

South of shore is a home to a lovely light house in Barbaria cape while yacht chartering in Formentera. Take pleasure in the ecstatic sundown along with the glorious view of Mitjorn which is referred to as the whitest beach in Formentera.

Beauty of Formentera also lies in north where tourists will experience well-known Chiringuitos at this seashore named as Cavall den Borras.

Illeas beach:

You'd be amazed to understand that Illeas beach every year is nominated among 10 best beaches of the world because of charming and glamorous beauty, complimented by rocky sand and crystal waters. Do not miss your chance to sail and experience the magical look of Illeas.

Categories of Formentera Yacht charter and rentals

Name: Astonada 138

Amount of Guests: 10

Name: Mitsubishi 82m

Name: Azimut 116

Number of Guests: 12

Price: 95,000 – 100,000 Euros per week

Name: Cranchi Atlantique 43

Number of Guests: 4


Amount of Guests: 6-8

The prices mentioned above are approximate figures excluding tax and other costs for yacht chartering in Formentera.

Why Formentera?

With favorable weather conditions year round in Formentera, following are some reasons why tourists visit this island on Formentera yacht charter that is luxury:


Formentera is a house to a number of the pristine beaches of the world that allow visitors to make memories that are peaceful. It has bright blue sea and the 'PERFECT' white sand. Under all possible chances, you might also see some celebs and A-listers here.

Preserved destination:

This Isle is an entitled destination to spend some family time with Formentera yacht charter expertise on crystal waters which brings enormous beauty of nature kissing the heart of visitors. Apart from shores, enjoy the party scenes and you'd like to see the ethnic attractions. Don't forget to test out the neighborhood paella and other seafood.

Historical significance:

With cube shaped church, Formentera additionally represents historical value to an amount that is great. In order to protect inhabitant puzzle of San Francisco, cannons in Formentera were placed in the exact same church until 19 century by Jolly Roger occupancy.

Go shopping:

Get home some clothing from the local designer and imported leather goods from Milan.

While enjoying your journey in high-end Formentera yacht charter you can simply relax and sit back. Regions like Ibiza, Formentera and Mallorca will not disturb visitors in yacht charters and thus experience sunlight for more than half of the year which does not bring any outlook news of dominant winds at any given instance of the year.

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This really is your time to go to this destination and experience yacht chartering in Formentera. Comprehend how wonderful this world is, and how lucky you are to witness this beauty with your naked eyes.

Frame your own memories and enough with gazing at pictures as well as videos of Formentera yacht charter experience, since this time, you are going to see the same. With this specific info, book your charter now. Have a safe and secured vacation!

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