Wake Up to a World of Adventure And Experiences That You Will Never Forget in Vanuatu Islands

Things to see and do in Vanuatu
The Melanesian Hotel Port-Vila

Vanuatu islands are the perfect getaway place for discovering and exploring a world of adventure. This beautiful island is only a few hours from Australia and New Zealand. It offers experiences of a lifetime from riding horses in the sea, standing on the rim of a live volcano to swimming in a natural blue hole.

Tourists around the world can effectively unleash the inner explorer and discover sights that they never thought they’ve seen. Within hours of arriving on sunny shores of Vanuatu, tourists will understand completely why this island archipelago was judged the “happiest place on earth”.

Vanuatu Islands map

Vanuatu Islands map
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By reading Vanuatu travel guide and travel information on popular travel websites and blogs, tourists will know why Vanuatu Island is a favourite holiday destination for singles, couples, and families around the world.

Things to see and do in Vanuatu

You will discover the stunning paradise of Vanuatu where breathtaking natural wonders meet lush, cascading waterfalls, white sandy beaches, and cool jungles. It is ideal location for a romantic escape or fun-filled family holiday. Families, couples, serenity seekers, and adrenalin junkies will all find plenty to do in various Vanuatu tourist attractions.


So tourists can easily slow down and relax in the moment and work up the energy to indulge in a wide assortment of invigorating experiences. With knowledge gained from Vanuatu Travel Guide and Things to Do, tourists can enjoy a wide range of activities from climbing to the rim of an active volcano to soaking themselves under a stunning waterfall, day crushing between islands or careering through the jungle on a buggy fun adventure.

According to Vanuatu tourism Australia, life in Vanuatu is simple but not quite primitive. Tourists will find a blend of local and international clothing prints, designs, art work, jewellery, bags, and shoes for those tourists who love to shop.

Go scuba diving

In this beautiful and lush green island, there are amazing diving spot with tunnels, caves, grottoes as well as a great diversity. Tourists can try to check out the SS “president collage”, which troop ship that sank during World War II as it is the largest wreck dive in the world.

Vanuatu Islands video “Vanuatu Vacation Travel Guide”

Fly to Mystery Island

Mystery Island is just off the coast of the island of tanna. This island is largely uninhabited, save for tourists and travellers who take the twice-weekly plane here to walk on its golden beaches.

Mystery Island
the Mystery Island


According to local tales, the name was bestowed on the island that was originally called Inyeug, by Queen Elizabeth II who visited in 1975 aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. Her entourage stopped for a picnic and were instantly bewitched. Truth be known, it was more likely the marketing department of cruise line Sitmar who decreed it so, due to the precarious landing conditions before the sturdy jetty was later installed.

Visit Port Vila

Things to see and do in Vanuatu
The Melanesian Hotel Port-Vila

Tourists and travellers will notice the shared colonial influences of France and Britain in the capital of Vanuatu. The food seems to be French-influenced while the language is a Pidgin. Tourists and travellers will find duty-free shops and shops selling crafts along the main street. It is very small for a capital city and is not very crowded or too touristy.

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