What’s Included in a Peru Honeymoon Packages

Peru Honeymoon

A honeymoon in Peru is perhaps the wildest and most adventurous but equally romantic idea. Wandering through the enigmatic ruins of the lost city can be a different experience to begin a shared life. Exotic locations are the regular favorites of couples for a honeymoon. But choosing a place far from the madding crowd can bring that sheer romanticism which both of you will cherish forever. Book the package in advance so that you don’t need to take any headache regarding travel, accommodations, and food in the unknown lands. Get lost in each other standing amidst the bounty of Nature.

Peru Honeymoon

Getting the Peru Honeymoon tour guide

The most crucial feature of any Peru Honeymoon Packages is the guide. The charge of the guide is in the total package cost. You will always prefer an experienced person as the guide as besides being the historical expert, the person must possess the practical knowledge to make the entire journey more comfortable. The guide will be able to explain to you the stories regarding each place. The fun of the Peru travel lies in knowing the folk tales and history of the Incas. If the guide lacks proper knowledge, then you won’t be able to taste the actual flavor of Peru tour. The person should be bilingual for comfortable conversation.

 Peru Honeymoon

Peru Honeymoon Journey inclusions

The Peru Honeymoon Packages includes Airport transfers to and fro. The car will be comfortable enough for both of you with the tint of luxury. Wherever you are going to take the trains, the quality packages always include the car fares for transferring you to the station from the hotel and vice versa. The money that you pay will also cover for the one way train journey by availing the vista dome service. So you should not spend any extra cash after reaching for these purposes.

 Peru Honeymoon

A luxurious Peru Honeymoon journey

Your dream to travel through the Andes on a train will come true with the honeymoon package. By paying for the package, you have just gifted both of you the privilege luxury ride between Cusco and Machu Picchu by train. While traveling by the luxurious Hiram Bingham train, you will enjoy an elegant car for dining and bar. You can stand with your partner in the observatory to treat the eyes with the magnificent landscape. Sipping on the Peruvian cocktail keep on listening to the music as the train has arrangements for live local music show every day. Most of the packages also include a gourmet lunch.

Tickets and first aid

The honeymoon package will include a couple of bus tickets to Machu Picchu from the town of Aguas Calientes. When you are traveling from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes, you will get only one ticket. So you have to pay extra for the other. You can also enjoy a luxurious stay in some of the top hotels for a night. The lunch at the sanctuary lodge is also free as the cost is inclusive in the package. The tour company will provide oxygen bottle and first aid kits for emergency situations. Oxygen will be necessary at high altitude treks.

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