Yas Water World The Greatest Water Playground

Yas water world is a water park in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The water park which was opened in 2013 is among the attractions in Yas Island, a multi-purpose leisure spot with numerous theme parks for entertainment, shopping and dining.

Yas Water World is among the many of the attractions on Yas Island. The park which is set on 15 hectares of land is equipped with rides and water slides. It is therefore the ultimate travel destination for those seeking to have a fun time on the water especially during the hot summer months. To get to Yas Water World, be sure to book your Yas Waterworld Tickets in advance for an easy time.

Yas Water World Theme

The theme for the water park is based on an old Emirati legend about a girl named Dana. Dana was a brave girl who went on a quest to retrieve a pearl that was lost in a huge storm and thus bring fortune back to her village. During her voyage, she was helped and guided by animals such as a camel, falcon and a dolphin. A couple of bandits followed her in quest to steal the pearl from her. The story ended as her tears of innocence fell in an oasis producing a majestic pearl that towered over the village.

This story is incorporated in the park’s theme, design and architecture and a pearl can be seen from outside the park. The characters in the park, shops and restaurants are based on the story as well.

Yas Water world thrill categories

The theme park has numerous rides which are divided into four thrill categories depending on the level of adventure that one seeks. These levels range from high for the ultimate thrill seeker to low for those with children or hope to have a calm but fun time.

To choose the best rides, see the categories below to identify your thrill level as you choose your rides.

Adrenaline rush

This is the highest thrill level and rides in this category are for the ultimate adventure junkie.

Exciting adventures

Rides in this category are categorized as high but the thrill level is lower than those in the adrenaline rush category.

Moving and grooving

This level is labelled medium and is suitable for those who aren’t keen on going for a heart stomping type of ride.

Young fun

This level is labelled as low and is suitable for young kids.

Yas Water world rides

The water park is equipped with over 40 rides and water slides to help you have a thrilling experience and cool down from the desert heat. Below are a variety of the rides offered at Yas Water world;

Bandit Bomber

This ride is the longest suspended roller coaster in the Middle East at 550 meters. The ride has water and laser effects and will allow you to splash people who are walking below you.

Falcon’s Falaj

This is a water coaster with a capacity of six people that takes you on a plunge through twists and turns, drops and rapids.

Marah Fortress

This is a water playground with slides, water shooters like dumping buckets, water geysers and water cannons.

Bubbles Barrel

This ride features the world’s largest sheet wave and is a joy for surfers who love riding high waves.

Amwaj Wave Pool

This is a pool with gentle waves where you can relax and cool off from the heat.


This is a six lane water slide where you can have fun racing across the water.

Slither rides

These are sets of water tube rides with a variety of courses such as the serpent spin which drops you through a curtain of water and spins you round in a bowl. Other courses include the snake’s tail, sand viper strike, slither alley and side winder.

Jebel Drop

This is a speed water slide with a monstrous drop but allows you to have a panoramic view of the park while on the ride.


This is a water cinema; the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Other experiences at Yas Water World include;

All Waha Cabanas

This is a lounging area with a cabanas that can fit 4 to 6 guests. The cabanas is ideal for those travelling as groups and features VIP services.

Hairat Yas Pearl diving experience

This is a traditional diving experience where you get to dive and collect an oyster with a pearl treasure.

These are among the fun experiences at Yas Water world but the water park has much more to offer so make sure to get your Yas Water World tickets on itickets.ae.

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Yas Water World Dining options

After all the fun in the water, you can grab a snack at the dining areas available at Yas Water world. There include;

Dana’s diner

The diner offers barbeque, burgers, sandwiches and salads.

Chubby’s chicken

The restaurant offers meals from fried chicken and Pizza.

Skinny’s Frozen Treats

Quench your thirst with treats like frozen lemonade or cool off with an ice cream.

Salma’s snack shack

Get a light snack on the shack ranging from fruits, salads, sandwiches or a smoothie.

Yas Water World Shopping options

For a souvenir from Yas Water World, you can visit the following shopping outlets;

Sultans and sons

Grab a souvenir of branded shirts and other items to remember your time at Yas Water World.

Tawasha Pearl shop

If you get to catch a pearl during your diving experience, have it fashioned into jewelry at the pearl shop.

Sultan’s candy

Get to taste all types of candies from all corners of the world which are available at this candy shop.

Jewana photo

The shop offers photo souvenirs which will be a great way to remember your time at Yas water world.

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