Your Dream Vacation to Laos

Laos, after years of war, conflict and imperialism finally welcome the world to explore its extraordinary hospitality and uniqueness, the country has witnessed suffering, humiliation and finally glorified its stance as a nation. Come and experience its mouth-watering delicacies, take a plunge into its rustic beauty, explore the lives of indigenous rather intimately with Anubhav Vacations Laos holiday packages.

Overview of Laos's tour:

This memorable Journey will start from Luang Prabang yesteryears French colonial city, Mekong River is the special attraction of this city, as you walk alongside the river to reach the famous temple Wat Xienthong, feel the cool bridge caressing you as it fades away into distance horizon, afterwards taste a cup of exotic coffee and croissant at a French cafe and you can certainly expect an exotic Lao style dinner later in the night.

Sticky Rice Adventure, one of the major activities and attractions of this tour. You will have an opportunity to practically sow the spaling and go through all the procedures to experience the local life firsthand. Don't miss treating your taste buds with 'Sticky Rice' accompanied by local delicacies, definitely a great way to welcome the day on this beautiful land.

Later a visit to Kuang Si Waterfall one of the beauties of the nature, witness the rhythmic flow of turquoise water over the calcium rocks, take a plunge into the unknown mystic waters of this waterfall, experiment with your swimming skills and get ready to visit Asian Bear Conservation Centre, get little closer to this beautiful wild species.

In the evening take a leisurely walk around Luang Prabang market, explore the handicraft and take a close look at the skillful production of these handicrafts, later in the night take a walk along the lanes of the city discover the French colonial architecture.

Elephants here seem to be friendly and gregarious, ride on an elephant, delve into the remotest part of the jungle on the mammoth creature and as the evening proceeds get immersed with the tune of 'Kane' a bamboo musical instrument, with evening growing into night take part in a special Baci Ceremony organized by the local priest. Here dinner will be special with some exotic delicacies made out of bamboo shoot served with vegetables, it may sound a little out of context and however, this unique bamboo dish is a lip-smacking food.

Anubhav Vacations brings you special tour packages across the globe, we are known as globetrotters, having an experience of more than 35 years in the hospitality industry, we have understood one thing very clearly “life is a constant flow from known to unknown” hence, we instigate and inspire the nation to discover unknown and unseen.

If you are looking for a getaway from the mundane and ordinary daily life, vacation to Laos could be that perfect place you have been imagining for years. So Get ready to drive into the remotest part of the jungles, witness the grandeur of giant mountains, touch the lives and hearts of local people, after all, a life lived in its totality will never have fear of death, discover the immensity of life with us.

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