10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions For Egypt

Egypt acts as a home of famous ancient Pharaohs and is a popular destination consisting of religious toms and temples. Thus, Egypt travels have lots of thrills and excitements for tourists belonging to different parts of the world, especially people of the United States.

1. Giza Pyramids

Pyramids of Giza are the worldwide famous landmarks and last surviving among seven wonders present in the ancient world. The pyramids setup as famous tombs of various mighty Pharaohs and enigmatic Sphinx is responsible to guard the entire complex of the Giza Pyramid.

2. Valley of the Kings

Next, Egypt travels will take you to the Memorial Hatshepsut and Karnak Temples recognized as the Valley of the Kings. Both of these temples are across the River Nile in Luxor Town of Egypt.

3. Islamic Cairo

The capital of the Islamic Cairo district consists of narrow lanes and a wonderful atmosphere by cramming with many mosques, Islamic schools, popularly known as madrassas and ancient Fatimid monuments of Mameluke eras. Especially, the dazzling Sultan Hassan Mosque and Al-Azhar Mosque are the two famous mosques of the district. Moreover, by climbing the roof of the ancient Bab Zuweila medieval gate, you will further be able to enjoy panoramic views of the Islamic Cairo district.

4. Aswan

Aswan is a tranquil town of Egypt established on winding curves of the River Nile. The place allows you to experience river ferry nearby the Elephantine Island and explores the colourful streets of the entire Nubian village.

5. Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is another major attraction associated with Egypt travels for tourists across the world. This is a great temple of Ramses II and it adorns with colossal statuary with an outside standing guard, while its interior area has decorated wall paintings.

6. Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum has the worldwide popular and unique museum collections and it highlights the treasure trove of the actual Paranoiac world. At the upstairs of the Museum, you will find the golden glory of the famous King Tutankhamen and fascinating exhibits of royal mummies, wonderful ancient art pieces and much more to make your Egypt travels and tours memorable for a lifetime.

7. Osiris Temple of Abydos

Osiris Temple of Abydos constitutes a home to the ancient and the fascinating type of artistic treasure in Egypt. The temple consists of chunky walls and columns covered in wonderful hieroglyphics and intricate painting collections.

8. White Desert

The White Desert is the kookiest natural wonder of the Egypt, where you will find chalked mountains in surreal shape, as creating a snowy wonderland in the central part of the entire arid sand. Landscapes of the desert area consist of iceberg type pinnacles and white boulders.

9. Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis acts as the tranquil tonic towards the hustle of cities in Egypt. This beautiful little oasis surrounds a large number of date palm plantations and many freshwater springs to constitute the most picturesque spot of the Western Desert.

10. St. Catherine Monastery

St. Catherine Monastery is the oldest monastery worldwide and it stands at the base of Mount Sinai, where Moses received Ten Commandments. The entire monastery acts as a home to a huge collection of art, religious icons and manuscripts.

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