5 Essential Things to Why You Visit Latvia?

Latvia offers heartfelt country hospitality, and it welcomes every visitor. This is the high time to discover wander through stunning valleys, ancient castles, or beaches in the Baltic gem. There are some tourist destinations in Latvia, these are:


It is known as most and the largest metropolis in the Baltics, which will inspire you. There is great Architecture from world-class Art Nouveau to Gothic cathedrals, bars, buzzing cafes and delicious dining in this city. From local market to haute cuisine to produce a price tag that will add to much pleasure. Riga has cutting-edge cool and blends of timeless tradition. Latvia travel can help a lot to explore Riga.

Tourists energized by this city with surprises on every rooftop and road.

  • A great architecture and history

It is called a Nordic blonde with a fiery heart, but there are much more to Riga than we see in the eye.

It has more than 800 years of turbulent history, so everyone from Swedish kings to German knights and Soviet visitors have left their footprints, now this Latvia's capital is an interesting European metropolis at the crossroads of northern and eastern Europe. Latvia travel provides exciting support to deserving tourists. As we know, Riga's wonderful skyline tells us the traditional story, and it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site which is the combination of breathtaking river views and cobblestones. It is also known as Europe's Wifi capital where tourists will get almost 1,000 spots for free.

  • Museum and Rundale Palace

It is known as the Baltic Versailles, the Rundale Palace will help you to go to an age of splendor.

It was designed by Francesco Rastrelli, a great architect who has constructed St. Petersburg's Hermitage. The Rundale is a Rococo masterpiece and superbly restored Baroque packed with art treasures and it is surrounded by a nice rose garden. This Palace is set in the fertile Zemgale Plains in the southern part of Latvia. All interior decorations were developed in between 1765 and 1768.


It is located 20 minutes' drive from Riga, Jurmala is a famous seaside resort. If tourists are looking for fun, there is a vibrant life on the seaside beach and some unique spas which are offering massages as well as the tempting menu of mud packs for deserving people. Jurmala is a great place to get back to nature directly and it has miles of pine-fringed shore and some admiring beautiful timber summer cottages for luxurious people.

Gauja National Park

It is the perfect place for de-stressing. There are stunning hiking trails where you can explore thrill to bungee jumping, fascinating medieval castles or bobsleighing. It has other adventurous activities.


If you want to drift back to a gentler age in Kuldiga, it is an ideal destination for a family vacation or romantic weekend. This famous town offers a good mixture of soulful timber houses and Baroque splendor. It has enchanting restaurants, the Europe's widest waterfall, and guesthouses to ensure visitors a magical stay.

Turaida Museum Reserve

It is the best place to experience the Turaida Museum Reserve near Sigulda.

You can explore its intriguing museum and the medieval castle which is connected with Latvia's musical heritage.

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