Everest Base Camp Trek – Know What To Expect

The grand Himalayas – and their their most appreciated mountain, Everest have grabbed the attention of adventure seekers from all over the world. While just a small proportion of the earth's populace will truly summit the highest point of the planet, one can still pursue the adventurous footsteps of Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary by planning an Everest Base camp trekking adventure.

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We all know this is going to be a wonderful journey with beautiful surrounding. But what else to expect during your EBC trek. Here is a brief summary:

It'll be really physical: You'll be performing a great deal of walking over the course of the hike. Expect anywhere from four to eight hours on any given day over an array of terrain, encompassing high-suspension bridges, steep hills and rocky trails. Don't be tricked by the informal term 'Nepali Flat' – these expanses of the route are less rigid compared to other for sure, but are still tough.

Altitude sickness: Approximately 50 percent of people experience altitude sickness, so you may experience it as well. From altitudes of 3000 meters above the seal-level, you may experience typical symptoms like nausea & headache.

The Khombu Cough: Some hikers may also experienced what's known as 'The Khombu Cough'.. The amalgamation of cold temperatures, physical exertion and low humidity entails that your body speedily inhales cold, dry air that can dry out the lining of your lung & bronchi, consequence in a dry, hacking cough.

Consuming adequate warm fluids will ease out the cough. Putting on a bandana or buff can also aid, as it keeps your throat warm & refrains cold air & compounds from entering and annoying your lungs.

Traffic jam:

EBC is an exceedingly renowned trail. Relying on the time of the year you are trekking, you will come across trails with many other hikers. Be tactful on narrow trails & let faster trekkers to pass you. Beasts of burden like donkeys, yaks and cows are a regular sight on the mountain.

There will also be numerous porters on the route. These individuals are in fact the backbone of the Himalaya. You'll no doubt find porters carrying heavy loads on their back. Porters always have right of way, so if there's one trying to pass, let them on through. They may be carrying your dinner, after all.

Well, the Annapurna Base Camp trek is definitely the best alternative of EBC trek. If you think the EBC is a bit tough for you, you better check out ABC trek or Upper Mustang trek in Nepal. Wish you the best of luck for your adventure.

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