Tick The Right Check Boxes Prior to Your Boat Rental Services in BVI


The Tortola Island is BVI's prime hotspot. It not only boasts of colourful residential colonies but breath taking natural vegetation as well. Dense foliage hosting a diversity of rich flora and fauna with the blue sky in the backdrop is a view to relish and cherish here.

Now, what should you know? Well, vessels remind of the oceans; so, let's check out the optimum weather to visit these Virgin shores.

Your best season:

Truth be spoken, the warm climate makes it ideal for sailors to trace its waters throughout the year. However, if you want to be in the heat of things then Mid February to the last week of April will be an ideal zone.

Why so? Well, clear distinct skies with little to no rainfall are highly preferable for sailing. Even better, your yacht could be amongst the many participating in the annual BVI kites festival. However, if you want to bypass the cacophony, then draw your sail during November to early December.

During this time in the Virgin Islands, you will experience slightly colder temperatures with fluffy white clouds adoring the blue skies. Wind speeds linger between 15 and 20 knots and your bare boat will flaunt its happiness through its taunt sails.

Setting your base camp:

It is always a debatable question when deciding your initiation point. However, if you ask experts, they will speak highly of Road Town in Tortola. It is a small port city that offers a litany of choice when choosing your perfect sailing vessel.

A small tip: Go for a skippered and crewed vessel. These Virgin Islands bear an indented and rocky coastline in some places. So, you will be better off with expert hands in these foreign waters.

What's more? Meander around the straights and passes while enjoying the lavish greenery perfectly contrasting its white sandy beaches.

Choose a vessel you require:

Often people either end up spending too much or too less. Hence, it's ideal to choose your boat as per the number of heads. For instance, if you are travelling in a large group of 10, check if your chosen catamaran is offering enough accommodation facilities for all.

While some of them will cramp you up on a budget, others will be ready to provide a private terrace and Jacuzzi of your desire. Sailboats, on the other hand, are ideal for small groups; and for crazy friends, motorboats are the best choice.

Make early bookings:

BVI has emerged to be a prime sailing hotspot courtesy its consistent gales and optimum cruising weathers. So, boats are in demand all year long. It is, therefore, advisable to make your bookings early. Moreover, be in touch with your crew and skipper and make them aware of the exact services you desire well in advance. Tick these checkboxes before opting for some boat rental services in BVI and ensure a thrilling trip!

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