Private And Fascinating Underwater Walk at Mauritius Belle Mare

Have you ever seen those animations of the mermaids swimming graciously around the sea or the divers exploring different parts of underwater sea and bringing that world in front of you!! Then surely you have also felt an urge to experience the world underwater. And if you have not done that yet, you have come to the right place where we can provide you with all the information related to a private and fascinating underwater walk.

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Underwater Walk at Mauritius Belle Mare 1

Underwater Walk at Mauritius Belle Mare

Aquaventure can make your fantasy of going underwater and tour around the marine life come alive in no time. Mauritius being a hub of oceanic beauty, we are the first company introducing underwater walk in the country. And Belle Mare is one of our top choices for its clean and pollution-free water, where you can enjoy the exotic charm. We can guarantee you that walking underwater with Aquaventure will prove to be a lifetime experience for you.

We have established ourselves as being one of the most reliable and safest organizations in the industry. You know, even if you are a non-swimmer and you are afraid of going underwater, Aquaventure can anytime break your fear. Even in this situation you don’t have to worry about a single thing when we are there to lend our hands. You will be taken underwater holding the hands of our professional team. Not only that, before starting the underwater walk, you will be well-briefed by our experts on the gear, the safety method, the walking trail and also about the marine life.

Underwater Walk at Mauritius Belle Mare 3

Underwater Walk at Mauritius Belle Mare

Aquaventure always focuses on gifting you with such a private and fascinating underwater walk where you can explore all the tits and bits of the ocean-bed. We have been choosing the best place to enhance your experience and let you enjoy the entire time. The key factors that we look after while choosing the spots are:

  • Calm sea to make sure that the non-swimmers do not face any problem or fear; because that can spoil the adventure or thrill of exploring the blue lagoon.
  • Clear water with no or less pollution keeping in mind the hygiene factor, so that no one becomes sick while they are on a tour.
  • Excellent visibility to see every nook and corner of the ocean and enjoy the walk.
  • Rich and colorful marine life to make your underwater walk a lifetime experience which you will never be able to forget.

With our professional and experienced team, you can be sure of your safety. We provide you with a full insurance cover and our equipments are not only professional; rather they are modern and upgraded keeping in mind all your requirements.

Underwater Walk at Mauritius Belle Mare 2

Underwater Walk at Mauritius Belle Mare

Since 1995 Aquaventure has been enjoying its pride in offering the customers with a private and fascinating underwater walk. We have never failed in making our customers awe-struck with our services. And now we have also included underwater wedding along with the photography. So, we have actually become the one-stop solution for all your underwater dream and to make your ‘Aquaventure’ a lifetime memory.

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