5 Restaurants That Unify Taste With Adventure – A Guide For a Venturesome Eater

It is very impressive that even after so much development and evolution of ideas in the form of art, architecture, economics and food, human beings devise new ideas and concepts that approach conventions like a large rebellious wave, only to amuse and attract people. Food is very important to people today, so important that they will die without it! Hundreds of cuisines have made their way across the word due to globalization and many restaurants have devoted their services to one or a few types of cuisines only.

In the business of these services, food quality is prime but not the only aspect of consideration. The location and setting is a big chunk of the image of any given restaurant also. Some restaurants have taken it a step further in order to achieve a perfect desired mood or a setting not artificially, but geographically and realistically. The very thought of this grabs attention of foodies and thrill-seekers likewise.

A few of these restaurants are worth an honorable mention:

1. The tree pod, Thailand

Restaurant The tree pod, Thailand Soneva Kiri

At the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort in Thailand, guests have the option to dine in a lofty woven Tree Pod perched 16 feet off the ground.

Soneva Kiri, a resort in Thailand, has a special attraction: the tree pod. It is a small pod with a few seats and a table in the middle of a rainforest and is suspended in the air for the diners to enjoy the view from the midst of a forest and 16 feet in the air. Servers zip line to the diners with food.

The experience is tranquil and one of solitary company with your partner in the lap of nature and a breathtaking view.

2. Fangweng Restaurant, China

Fangweng Restaurant, China

Fangweng Restaurant, China

The Hubei province in China is popular for this restaurant bedded in a natural cave several hundred feet above the Yangtze River. The suspended path extends from the entrance building into a cave well furnished to radiate a traditional Chinese aura. Apart from that, the precarious location bestows its visitors with an amazing view of lush greenery and the flowing river.

3. The Airplane restaurant, USA

The Airplane restaurant, USA

The Airplane restaurant, USA

A KC-93 Tanker aircraft can hold 275 passengers at a time. This massive vehicle has been grounded and turned into a dining room for those who love the different. The restaurant has aviation related artifacts all round to build up the theme of a flight, as if the airplane alone wasn’t enough. Customers are encouraged to look around and even enter the cockpit for thrills.

4. Sarnic Restaurant

Sarnic Restaurant

Sarnic Restaurant

This restaurant is actually a receptacle used by ancient Rome dating a 1000 years. The 30 foot high ceilings and giant cylindrical pillars along with dim candlelight doesn’t provide any room for improvements. Situated on the top of a hill in Istanbul, the restaurant is a great place for a romantic dinner and some wine.

5. The Rock Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Rock Zanzibar, Tanzania

This tiny dining place is located on top of a rock off the coast of Michanwi Pingwe beach. Whats fascinating about this is that its not always accessible. During the low tides, customers can walk out but when the water rises, boat services are required. Equipped with 12 tables, the fortunate diners enjoy the salty breeze and the picture ocean views. Also, the sea food is rather enthralling!

There are many more restaurants for which you will have to look for cheap global flight tickets, but are worth the visit. When an adventurer is on an expedition, everything unusual, such as these restaurants, is an adrenalin shot.

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