The Best Way to See Polar Bears is With on an Arctic Cruise


The Adventures of Spitsbergen

The far northern island archipelago of Spitsbergen, otherwise called Svalbard, is found not too far away from the north polar ice top and has a sizable population of polar bears. Females bear their young in the wintertime, and the islands are a favorite place for bears to withdraw to in the late spring when the pack ice retreats toward the north. Large quantities of other natural life can be found in this region in late spring: walrus, seals and huge flocks of seabirds, for example, guillemots, auklets and kittiwakes.


Spitsbergen, which is part of Norway, has been a noteworthy starting point for North Pole explorations. Historically well-known personalities like Amundsen and Peary, and numerous others lesser-known one made Spitsbergen their base for courageous attempts to reach the Pole. The remains of a significant number of these bases can be seen on Arctic travels to Spitsbergen, as can the camps and graves of numerous early whalers who were navigating these waters as far back as the 1600s.

Why Travel To The Arctic?

When you have vacationed in warm climates the thought of a journey to the Arctic conveys images of ice and cool breezes. A cruise from Harwich to the Faroes, Iceland and up the East Coast of Greenland acquaints you with the colder climate in simple stages since both Iceland and the Faroes islands are in the warm Gulf Stream. The Faroes may appear like a peaceful place on a fine day, but the climate is eccentric. Outings may be organized to visit the towns and animals.


In the Faroes, a van may transport you to the edge of Torshavn where it is a short stroll to the beautiful harbor. You can take ships to the distant islands if ocean conditions allow. Strolling from the harbor you can see the tops of houses secured with turf. This treatment, which is also found in Norway, gives protection as the grass retains the rain before it can enter the rooftop material.

A trip to Iceland often includes a tour of the “Golden Circle”. You may visit the nurseries in Hveragerdi where the hot springs give the warmth adequate for a tropical garden.


Characteristics of Best Arctic Travels Program

Despite the fact that there are a couple of bigger Arctic cruises visiting this territory, the best Arctic travels to see polar bears and different sights are by small, ships with an ice-reinforced frame and an armada of zodiacs, or inflatable water crafts, that can rapidly and securely get advanced Arctic adventurers into position when wildlife is spotted. The zodiacs’ small size allows for only 10 to 12 passengers and is ideal for investigation of ice floes, small bays and remote shorelines where natural life flourishes.

The best cruise ships are limited to be around 100 travelers, a size that allows you to become acquainted with your fellow Arctic adventurers and easy access to staff and speakers. These ship sizes also take into provide fast travel and quick boarding of zodiacs when the opportunities present themselves.

How To Pick The Right Travel Specialist?

In picking an Arctic journey, ensure your agent and expedition staff are experienced and educated about the territory. The voyage organization you pick ought to be able to help you to pick through a lot of tour choices. Some of the tours designed for picture takers, birders or simply life viewing. Pick one that matches your interests.

Spitsbergen Hotels

On these Arctic travels, activities aren’t physically difficult, yet for a great experience, you ought to be healthy and equipped for strolling the occasional few miles over the tundra, and ready to get in and out of the zodiacs. Many of the sights can be seen from the deck of your ship or from the zodiacs, yet investigating the noteworthy whaling stations and to or close to the North Pole may require a bit more effort.

Since these travels are in the Arctic spring and summer, you won’t need to stress over trekking ice fields in a furious snowstorm! Temperatures will be in the upper twenties to the sixties or seventies. However, the climate is variable and a decent waterproof parka and set of wind breakers will cover any changes in climate. Rubber boots are usually provided onboard, but you may bring waterproof climbing boots to round out the footwear.


Arctic and Greenland expeditions are trips of a lifetime the scenery is mind blowing and will leave a permanent impression on you. You will appreciate the abundance of nature in this exceptional place. It is unmatched for its visual excellence. The Arctic is different from other places you have ever visited. An outing to the Arctic can get you near the icy landscapes and incredible wildlife.

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