Unusual Things to do in Mombasa For an Outstanding And Memorable Experience

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya after Nairobi that offers an exotic feel to the tourists. This stunning cosmopolitan tourist center is an island linked by bridges to the coast of Kenya.

What makes tourists choose Mombasa as their ultimate holiday destination is that it provides a great range of activities to do. Activities include, road safari, deep sea diving, fishing, snorkeling, air safaris and much more!

Another factor that makes Mombasa a perfect vacating place is the availability of multiple cultures and traditions. One can find multiple cuisines from every corner of the world. Beyond the city, one can find wildlife parks, ancient architectures, villages that make Mombasa even a more exciting place to rely on!

What unusual things to do in Mombasa for an outstanding experience?

Explore the serenity of the beach:

Mombasa has numerous exotic beaches which are best for experiencing sunbathing, walking or just chilling out! Out of all beaches Nyali, Bamburi,andDiani are considered to be the most beautiful ones. So get there and enjoy the serenity of nature to the fullest!

Make a visit to the Fort Jesus:

One of the top tourist attractions and the UNESCO world heritage site, Fort Jesus was built by the Portuguese in between 1593 to 1596. It is located at NdiaKuu in Mombasa. The building has a man like structure which designed by an Italian architect named Cairati. The various exhibits, including pottery and ceramics collection,reflect various cultures that traded the coast once!

Walk Down the Old Town:

Once ruled by the Portuguese the Old Town exhibits various cultures mostly Asian, Arabian and European. The narrow streets bordered by old buildings with ornately carved doors and balconies make you visualize the architectural style reflecting different cultures. You can also enjoy shopping amazing antiques, fragrance oils, spices and souvenirs here.

Try Out Scuba Diving and Snorkeling:

Adventurous enough! Try out the exciting marine activities like scuba diving and snorkeling here in Mombasa. Discover the mysteries of the marine world and get fascinated by dolphins, stingrays,and eels!

Go on Exciting Safaris:

Visiting Kenya and not going on safaris is not worth it! Safaris in Mombasa, Kenya is a must to explore the wildlife in a fascinating manner. If photography is your passion, then safaris offer you magnificent scenery and incredible wildlife that you can capture. Get closer to the wildlife with safaris!

Stop over Mombasa's Elephant Tusks:

A trip to Mombasa is considered incomplete if you did not stop at the famous Mombasa's Elephant Tusks, which was built to honor the visit of Queen Elizabeth. The intersecting aluminum tusks at the heart of the city form letter 'M' to represent Mombasa. So stop here and click few pictures to create memories to reminisce aboutthe future.

A trip to Haller Park:

Haller Park is the largest animal sanctuary in Mombasa and possesses an enormous range of animals, birds, reptiles, insects and botanical gardens. Walk along the trails and have a close encounter with the animals.

Try Go-Karting:

Get the kid within your heart rise! Try go-karting and make your visit to Mombasa, Kenya a super fun experience.

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