Want The Ultimate Adventure? Take A Private Tour

As tourism to exotic places becomes more popular, we can see the attitudes of tourists morphing into more of an “adventure” mindset. Tourism used to be about simply traveling to an area of interest and taking pictures in front of famous sights, but as tourism itself becomes more popular due to an economic improvement across the globe, many people are beginning to seek a more authentic experience. When they were children and saw Indiana Jones hiring a guide to take him to the unknown and unmapped places, that image stuck with them. The truly adventurous traveler now wants to experience the area in a special way, instead of just looking at it through the windows of a van.

Many companies that provide tours of places like national parks are beginning to experiment with a more personal version of their products. While the small group adventure tour that is offered typically will appeal to the desires of a cross section of culture, a private tour of the same areas will allow you to pick and choose the experience that you want to have. This is very appealing to many adventure travelers who are not interested in many of the aspects of a tour that might be appealing to older or less well traveled people. The adventure traveler wants to take the time to explore the things that are appealing to them, as opposed to moving on to something that is appealing to someone else. Only private tours allow you to make your own plans, involve only the people you want to bring along, and map out a tour that will be everything that you want it to be.

Very much like contracting the services of a local guide who knows the area intimately, a private tour is arranged by contacting a tour company and discussing with them the areas that you would like to visit. They will create suggestions for activities within those areas, as well as arranging any special requests that you might have. They will hand create a tour experience that goes where you want to go and does what you want to do, all within a time frame that fits your schedule. If you want to spend five days in Zion National Park hiking, that can be arranged. If you want to camp for a month in the Grand Canyon, that can be arranged. All you need to do is figure out who you want to be with and where you want to go, and the private tour company arranges it all.

Private tours cost more than small group tours, because you are getting the services of a dedicated guide who is catering only to you. If you are looking for a unique experience that does not waste time doing things that you are not interested in, it is completely worth the extra expense. Look into booking a private tour of a national park today, and you will see how the experience can be something so unique that you will never forget it.

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