Ways to Enjoy a Ski Resort in Livigno


Once winter rolls in, visitors from all over the globe travel to local Livigno ski hotels to spend their days in a getaway full of snowy adventures. Visitors enjoying ski trips have a wide range of options for skiing, dog sled riding, snowboarding and other winter fun activities, but there's more to a ski resort than just warm winter clothes and snow everywhere.

We've already covered all the winter wonderland related adventures you can take while staying at a ski hotel in this article. Now we'll share some ideas to help you figure out other activities you can enjoy while you stay at a Charme Hotel Alexander ski resort in Livigno.

1. Go sight-seeing: aside from the breathtaking natural sights and scenery, Livigno is full of beautiful and interesting tourist attractions such as the local village museum: MUS Museum, a place dedicated to celebrate and preserve the history of the village.

You could also visit other historical buildings such as one of the four historical churches or simply take a stroll around the town to see the beautiful architectural artwork that populates the streets of Livigno.

2. Pamper yourself: if you prefer to stay at the hotel, then perhaps you should consider booking your stay at a local Livigno hotel &spa. It's not uncommon for livigno ski resort to also offer spa, sauna and wellness center services as some of their amenities. While some people prefer to be outside skiing, others prefer to shelter from the cold and enjoy relaxing massages or spa treatments.

3. Explore the cuisine: What's the point of visiting a new part of the world if you won't try the local cuisine? We all know Italian cuisine is one of the most beloved cooking styles and boasts some of the most delicious recipes there are to witness in this world. Take some time to visit local restaurants and diners. Most hotels in Livigno also have restaurants in their facilities where you can try new and exciting dishes.

4. Enjoy the nightlife: if you're a club and bars kind of person, don't miss out on the opportunity to see how people like to party on other parts of the world. Part of visiting other countries and villages such as Livigno is to experience their culture and lifestyles.

You might pick up new traditions you'd like to live by or ways of spicing up your night that you hadn't tried before. Visiting these establishments will also let you taste local liquors, cocktails, spirits and who knows, you might end up finding a new favorite drink or mix you'll want to try at home.

5. Shopping spree : Livigno is a duty-free village which means that you don't have to worry about paying taxes on anything you purchase there. Pack light and come back home with array of items to remember your trip by. Usually, shopping while on a trip is discouraging due to high prices and the high taxes, shopping in a duty-free town such as Livigno takes that pressure off, letting you focus on purchasing the souvenirs you want.

6. Tis' the season: different countries celebrate the holidays in different ways but from late November until early January, most countries have a list of holiday related activities and events that keep their streets full of holiday cheer.

If you plan staying during special holiday days at a resort, you shouldn't miss the opportunity of visiting holiday events and markets.You might even contemplate ending 2016 at a ski hotel in Livigno and starting 2017 in a different part of the world.

7. Visit off season: if avoiding the snow and cold is your main goal, then enjoy all these activities while visiting at any other time except winter time. Livigno is a beautiful place to see at any time of the year and there's as many attractions for winter-related action as there are indoor and outdoor activities for summer and spring.

It doesn't matter when you choose to visit or book a stay at one of Livigno's hotels, what matters is that you plan a trip that will satisfy your expectations and help you create beautiful memories. As you can see, staying at a ski hotel doesn't have to be all about snow, skiing and winter sports, there's plenty to do, plenty to see and plenty of activities to enjoy inside your hotel and in the village.

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