Why Rowing Vacations Will Be The Best Choice You Make

Lake Titicaca rowing

The discussion is going to start with a statement: rowing is the best sport of all time. Now, if someone declares something, that someone has to back it up with reasons. When it comes to rowing, there are multiple explanations. Even after being underappreciated, there is something that makes the fans of both rowing and other sports appreciate it. There is a recognized commercial that features guinea pigs in plastic boats calling out to the others to row harder and faster. It is an image that most people frame in the mind when imagining the event. The explanations of the following events will surely make you book a trip in an instant.

Rowtours rowing

  1. The day of the dragon: A classic marathon is already over, and you don’t know about it. Don’t worry, because here you will learn about Rowing Vacations conducted by Rowtours.com. In the land of the dragon, monsters joined other monsters at Hong Kong from eight different countries to race. It was a record-breaking race where both men and women excelled, even when the water was incredibly challenging.
  2. With the Incas: Since your interests are already killing you to join, you should know that there is a South American Rowing Vacations taking place in the next year. The number one world champ of rowing will be guiding the water adventure. The rowers will stand toe-to-toe with the sea of Lima, take on the altitudes of Lake Titicaca and venture on the iconic Inca Trail that heads on to Machu Picchu.
  3. The Kings and Queens: The previous one was primarily for the spectators. If you’re one who wishes to test mettle against professionals and rookies alike, this one is for you. It is a three-day super challenge that will include getting your feet wet from Oxford to London. The distance will be quite a long one, so, make sure to do your homework before arriving. Those muscles and lungs will definitely gasp and pant after completion.
  4. Getting hot: When the winter sun is shining, and when the land is no other than Italy, things are sure to heat up. The best head race will start soon next year and you will have to book as early as possible. There are hundreds and thousands of enthusiasts waiting in the line for you, so you can expect some pushing and shoving at the closing moments. Experience the romanticism inciting sensuousness of Italy while navigating its waters with your fellow rowers.
  5. Go medieval: You only heard stories when you were a kid, but now see the castles on islands up front. Take part in this rowing tour that will start at the waters of the Northumberland coast. Click pictures of the Dunstanburgh Castle which now lies in ruins and go hunting for seals. Have no fear; no skeletons roam the castles, and nothing will attack you.

Set sail

The rowing holiday organizers give both experts and fans to experience professional races in the middle of nowhere. Rowers are skillful people and can go head to head with any water body, apart from the rapids. You can take part in sea rowing or navigating lochs, rivers, and even puddles, if possible. So, don’t wait any longer because more and more people are engaging in such break-days. You may not even get your oar and place to sit in a boat if you’re late. As mentioned before, rowing breeds punctuality. Start honing that trait as soon as possible because you will need it.

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