Yachting Faq in Cannes – Experience Glitzy Hedonism of Its Particular Shores And Waters!

In this yachting FAQ in Cannes, get answers to all those queries popping up in your head that is inquisitive!

Get your queries!

1. What's the greatest time to be in the waters?

Spring is the greatest time if you're looking out for a tranquil sailing excursion, to really go for yachting. Merely during the beginning of summer will even be the perfect interval.

  • July and August are active months when prices also go higher
  • You can also be there during September and June when the water is less crowded
  • April is the month that establishes start the boating season
  • Expect during October

And if you're willing to be there during the prestigious Film Festival (which is organized on May every year), chartering a superyacht and sailing in Cannes is the only mode.

2. How's the temperature?

But although springs and winters are perfect seasons as well, be careful about Mistral that normally comes during the transitions of the months. It's a northwesterly wind, strong and cold that reaches up to 100 km per hour.


a. Request your Cannes chartering business to give you updates on weather conditions.

b. Carry a waterproof coat as prevention from a sudden wind.

c. Nights on water are cool; so, jackets are again essential.

d. In the event you are sailing yourself, be attentive as high-speed divers, swimmers, jet skis or tenders may come out suddenly from anyplace.

3. The way to decide between bareboat and crewed Cannes chartering?

That 's an important query. This being one of the best resort areas for yachting, you'll get everything to super yacht for catering to your needs from bareboat. However, you have to first make a choice between crewed and uncrewed.

Bareboat will give you the liberty to sail, navigate, cook, when you wish to, and anchor. On the contrary, crewed yachts allow you to like the vacation when you will be guided by the crew in every measure. No cooking stresses; rather, get all modern conveniences.

Choice should be as per your preferences.



b. In France, having a license is nearly a must when you charter a motorboat.

c. Don't have a permit? No stress! Hire a skipper typically available at E250 to E300 for one day.

4. What are the other Cannes chartering options?

There are various chartering choices for sailing in Cannes.

Superyacht –

  • Crewed luxury yachts
  • Can fit more and 10 to 12 guests
  • All types of water toys and Jacuzzi accessible
  • Entertainment system on board accessible

Catamarans –

  • Crewed and more ample
  • If traveling with families and desire bigger cabin, catamarans are perfect
  • Good for shallow anchorages
  • Winds can push them sideways
  • Less broad but comfortable to explore the coves
  • Ideal in the event that you adore sailing in Cannes
  • It's cheapest both in terms of charter and fuel fee
  • Various alternatives from high speed powerboats to low powered dinghies are accessible
  • You need to return day boats by 6 pm
  • Powerboats are normally 40 feet long
  • Not only for sailing in Cannes, but perfect for fishing as well

Cannes chartering can keep you busy in many ways with extravagance, two stunning beaches and its 2 luxury superyacht seaports dining restaurants and hotels.

The majority of the luxurious yacht charter will begin from Le Suquet, visiting the 15th century citadel to La Croisette and Chapel of St. Anne. Ensure that you plan your dreamy yachting itinerary. End it on the next Saturday and the greatest is to charter on a Saturday at 12 pm; a week's sailing trip. Nevertheless, one can also charter on other days. You can organize for parties and occasions aboard, should you need.

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