Mykonos Boat Charter Itinerary

Skiathos: With its traditional Aegean architecture and pine forests, Skiathos is the most cosmopolitan of the Sporades. Well-known for its lovely beaches, graphic night life and excellent climate (since the “meltemi” or etesian winds which affect the Cyclades are not felt here), it is a great setting for unforgettable vacations.

Skopelos: The key town, as well as the villages of Skopelos, have been declared protected residential areas and this has greatly contributed to the preservation of this island's architectural tradition. Abounding in pine trees, olive trees and vineyards, the beauty of the island is rare. There are just a couple of beaches in the southern area of the isle, but they're truly exquisite and not far from the principal town.

Skyros: Here is among the largest albeit less crowded islands of the Sporades, which is famous for the attractiveness of its “Chora” or principal town and also its excellent sandy beaches.

Alonnissos: A gorgeous, unspoiled island for a quiet, peaceful holiday. The exceptional Marine Park of Greece lies. The island is among the six European environmental islands that protect the Monahus Monahus seals, which are an endangered and protected species.

The characteristic structure of the isle renders Ermoupolis one of the very fascinating cities of the Cyclades, and distinguishes it from other isles.

Sifnos: Famous for its unique white houses, Sifnos seamlessly combines tradition with the great thing about the natural landscape. This isle is remarkably clean, a unique local cuisine and wonderful beaches that are enough, churches and monasteries to make holidays here a memorable encounter.

Milos: the island of Aphrodite is very fascinating thanks to its exceptional sandy beaches scattered with interesting caverns, a lot of which may be seen. Here is an isle with strong conventional elements, which is perfect for comfortable holidays. The brilliant little taverns are an homage to the local cuisine that is savoury.

Patmos: The island of Patmos is considered one of the most impressive because of the spectacular untamed beauty that is present in each corner. It's also described as the “Island of the Apocalypse”, since it was here that St. John the Evangelist wrote the Apocalypse. The unique castle-monastery dominating the captivating chief town of the island is a sight worth seeing, while the little virgin islands and the bays encompassing Patmos provide an excellent alternative proposal to people who love quiet beaches with waters that are azure, clear.

Rhodes is a destination that has much to give. The medieval town that leaves visitors breathless, the exquisite sea, the unique in the world forest of the butterflies, the unceasing night life and, most importantly, the sensation of being in a place filled with historical significance.

Hydra: The houses in Hydra are built around its lovely harbour and include 18th and 19th century buildings. There aren't any automobiles on the island and donkeys are used for transportation.

Spetses: Here is an island with centenarian trees, a strong history and delightful beaches with crystal clear waters. Spetses can offer visitors non stop night life, a lively setting and monuments which are proof of the isle's part and that of its own residents during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. The natural bays of the shoreline of Spetses are an open invitation to seekers of new sights.

Poros: Narrow streets, the traditional houses and blue sea with its quiet shores are the hallmarks of the island of Poros. Here one may enjoy peaceful holidays, wander around the island and admire. The pine trees often grow on cliffs over the shore or even right on the sandy beaches, while the aroma of the lemon tree forest that is famous permeates the atmosphere.

Aegina: The many seaside hamlets, the abundant and diverse landscapes of the beauty of the main town, the archaeological sites and the island are what make Aegina endearing to visitors. It has many sandy beaches with waters that are blue and serene and a night life that will not disappoint. This isle that produces the renowned Aegina pistachios knows the best way to take good care of its own guests.

Zakynthos (Zante): The island that Venetians used to call “the flower of the East” is an idyllic area with emerald seashores, mountains covered by olive trees pine trees and magnificent, rare blossoms. Laganas bay is one of the largest beaches of the Mediterranean as well as a sizable part of it's a protected area, since the caretta-caretta sea turtle, which is an endangered species, lays its eggs on this particular beach.

Corfu: Everyone is impressed by the special beauty of Corfu. Here you will find green hills marvellous beaches and castles, monasteries and historic monuments to feast your eyes on.

The architecture of the city of Corfu with its narrow streets and squares that are wide and also the unique nature of its own hospitable residents give rise to the special character of this island.

Lefkas: A quiet and mountainous island, which is extremely verdant to the east and the north. Exquisite, green little isles, such as Scorpios, can also be seen from the eastern side of Lefkas. The capital of the island is a quiet, picturesque town built round the port that is natural, featuring distinctive, colourful wooden houses.

The shores of Lefkas are well-known for their blue waters and light- coloured sand.

Cephalonia: Cephalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands, is an isle of contradictions. Steep hillsides switch with green valleys where a very uncommon type of fir tree grows. The white pebble or sand beaches and deep azure waters delight even the most discerning visitors. The western coast of the island is among the few biotopes for the Mediterranean seal.


Day 1 Mykonos

Arrival day. Join your group at 5pm for a welcome meeting and safety briefing before beginning the sailing journey to Santorini. Enjoy a night cap on the boat or head out to explore Mykonos by night.

Day 2 Mykonos/Cyclades

Adaptive itineraries give our experienced skippers the chance to showcase all the hidden gems you're looking for, we follow the desires of the group and cater the sailing experience to provide a quality journey while on board to each group.

Days 3-6 Cyclades

Arrive at Santorini Island.

Depart after breakfast.

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