Take A Short But Refreshing Break Iin Gurgaon

Everyone needs a refreshing break from backbreaking work and for break; you don't need taking long leaves from office or spending a huge sum on travel expenses, hotel bookings and sightseeing. If you look around, you can easily locate ample picnic spots near your home and office.

NCR residents have the advantage of Gurgaon that isn't only a hub for IT industry or an upscale residential area but also a picnic spot. This cosmopolitan city has a picturesque rural backdrop where time becomes slow. Also the city has a number of attractions like Kingdom of Dreams and Leisure Valley that attract a huge crowd not only from NCR but also from nearby cities including Bhiwadi. Day picnic in Gurgaon is quite popular among singles, couples, families, friends and corporate groups.

A short trip that is a couple of hours can be planned on weekend and you don't need making preparations for the trip. Just dress-up for the trip and set-out in your car or in Metro or you can easily hire a cab to and from the tourist destination. So, you've the choice of mode of transport. Choose your transport according to your location. For instance, vacationers in Dwarka are closer to Gurgaon than those that are in eastern side of Delhi.

Sultanpur Lake Bird Sanctuary is a popular picnic spot among vacationers. It is only 15 km away from Gurgaon. It was established in 1972 and was awarded status of National Park in 1989. It is spread in an area of 1.49 sq km and it is declared a protected zone. Similarly there is Damdama Lake that is also a natural place for picnicking. You can include these places in one day picnic package near Delhi.

When you are looking for a quick vacation in Gurgaon where there are many things to see and do then it's better to plan a trip. Make a travel partner for the trip and get ready to enjoy the vacation. Your travel partner will arrange transport to and from your home and you will be taken to the places of interests that you can choose from a host of options.

Start your trip from you home by choosing places of interests that you want to visit. It is an opportunity to make your one day picnic in Gurgaon more entertaining. Instead of leaving selection of venues on reaching Gurgaon, you should be predetermined which places to visit. Today more and more vacationers want to visit close by picnic spots instead of commuting for hours to visit distant places. A short trip is easier to plan and finance instead of a long trip that involves hotel stay.

When you are tired of the boring life or when you have a reason to enjoy, you can plan a quick vacation and in this way make most of your time. Also you can enjoy every occasion and celebrate every function by organizing short one-day trips to nearby picnic spots. Gurgaon is an ideal choice for NCR residents.

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