The World Rookie Fest 2017

The most anticipated Youth snowboarding event of freestyle snowboarding in Italy is the World Rookie Fest. Snow boarders from across the world under the age of 18 will be participating in th event. The 12th edition of this World Rookie Fest is held in Mottolino Snow Park in Livigno, Italy. A lot of the professional snow boarders who competed at the professional level such as the winter Olympics, TTR elite events or the X games participated in the previous editions of the World Rookie Fest. A few of those stars are, Christian Haller, Mons Roisland, Sven Thorgan, Seppe Smith, Tim Kevin Ravnjak, Stale Sanback, RoopeTonteri and GjermundBaarten. Therefore, the level of snowboarding at this competition will be immense and some of the future stars who are rising through the ranks will be participating in Livigno at the World Rookie Fest.

The 12th edition of the World Rookie Fest held in Livigno will be during the days from 14th January to 19th January 2017. More than 20 national level teams from different continents will participate, making the event a huge global one, catching the eye of many viewers. In the World Rookie Fest, The contestants will contest upon the 4 categories, male grom, female grom, male rookie and finally female rookie. The events will be held according to the international slope style events.

During the free time that the riders get in the World Rookie Fest, they will have the opportunity to engage in a lot of lifestyle events. The coacher, crews, groms and even the rookies will be able to have a pleasant afternoon, by engaging in activities such as yoga classes, free rides movie premiers and will have the ability to engage and socialize with the other competitors, their teams and the coachers at parties and dinners. They will get the opportunity to meet new cultures and experience a new set of friends.

All these snowboarders who are competing at the World Rookie Fest, will get a shot at the title, which comes with many benefits. The champion of the pre-selected 140 competitors will get the opportunity to be the wild card for many professional snowboarding events, have all-inclusive direct access to the Volkyl World Snowboarding Championship, get the opportunity to spend time and learn at the surf camp in Spain, and get invitations to video shootings and coveted rookie photos by the end of the season. There will also be a variety of prizes given for all the snow board riders who perform especially well, such as technical material given by the partners.

During the World Rookie Fest, Livigno will be filled with many people visiting to watch the World Rookie Fest and top quality hotels such as Livigno Hotel will be fully booked since they will offer the guests also the chance of experiencing skiing. The World Rookie Fest which is held in January, is a major event which will host a lot of rising stars in the sport of snowboarding.

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